Welcome to DurangoRents.com.  We have some of the newest townhomes for rent on the market in Durango!

Located approximately one mile from Historic Downtown Durango, the River Trail and the Durango Dog Park.  These townhomes allow you to enjoy all that Durango has to offer.

We have 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes, some with 2.5 baths and some with 3 baths.  All of our townhomes have balconies in the back, inline fire suppression system, washer/dryer hookups, single car garage, newer kitchen appliances, and plenty of storage space. They have fenced backyards with lawn sprinkler systems.

The townhomes are located at 55 Westwood Place, Durango, CO  81301, just off Highway 160 West and Perins Canyon Drive (County Road 206), in the Dakota West Townhomes.

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